Northern Lights Chase

Experience and learn about the Aurora Borealis and other wonders of the universe around the warmth of a campfire. Your guide for the night is an accredited Aurora professor and astronomy expert.


Enjoy this guided experience and learn about the Aurora and other wonders of the universe around the warmth of a campfire. Your professional guide and fascinating storyteller will navigate your through the very best the universe has to offer, from the Andromeda Galaxy to the Demon Star.

We use laser pointers, sensitive cameras and night vision goggles for real time demonstration of the celestial objects and the Northern Lights. In two hours, we will unveil the alchemy that surrounds the Aurora and its colors, how solar storms influence the Aurora activity, why we see the Aurora mostly in the Arctic and much more.

A normal session would start at 19:30 at Skaret Lodge and end around 22:30. After the session and if needed, due to unfavorable weather conditions at Skaret Lodge, we will consider chasing the Aurora in a comfortable and specially-equipped Tromsø Guide van.

It might take several hours to find a more suitable location to experience the Northern Lights, and therefore we might return to Skaret Lodge late at night. For any alterations, you would like to the session, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Group price:
10 000.-

Maximum 8 persons per minibus, available from September to April

For booking inquiring and general questions please send an e-mail to