Snow shoe hike

Imagine making your own track through fresh snow, walking around between big mountains with a view over our arctic fjords and islands


With the help of our experienced guide you'll get to learn the basics of snow shoeing technique and join him for a hike around the area of Skaret Lodge.


Period: November - April (Provided that there is snow)

Price: NOK 1650 per person

Number of persons: 3-6

Duration: 3-4 hours effective snowshoeing

Age: Under 18 years accompanied by parent. (Minimum 12 years)

Included: Winter boots, snow shoes, poles, transport if needed, experienced guide, warm drinks and snacks

Time: Pickup around 10 am. Evening and midnight sun hiking is possible in the spring.

Language: English, French, Dutch

For booking inquiring and general questions please send an e-mail to